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Hot Flashes, Part Whatever

$%#@! I'm still not done with a first draft of the new book! So no real blog post today, kids. Will you settle for some news flashes, instead?

FLASH! The new issue of the Mystery Readers Journal is out, and it includes an essay by moi. My topic: cussin' in historical mysteries. Hot damn! Click here to take a look!

FLASH! The fine folks at the Emporia Gazette in Kansas have given The Black Dove an official Jayhawk thumbs up. Click here to read the review!

FLASH! I don't have another news item, yet I know I can't get away with just two flashes. So...ummm...wanna see the worst Superman movie ever? Click here to totally blow three minutes of your life you'll never be able to get back!

Steve Hockensmith
April 20, 2008


Lee Ann

I want my 3 minutes of life back!

Here's my revenge: the original Wonder Woman TV pilot from 1967:



BAM! POW! And most especially, OOF!

Wow, was that painful. An insult to Wonder Woman and every other woman, too. It makes the Lynda Carter version look like Citizen Kane...which takes a lot of doing....


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