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Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1984, Part Deux

Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1984

I'll be turning 40 in a few months, and I've noticed a strange feeling coming over me as my birthday draws nigh. It's not the urge to buy a red Lamborghini or chase younger women or anything else off the midlife crisis checklist. I don't go in for clichés.

And what's more, I can't afford a Lamborghini. Maybe a Hyundai. Used. I mean, really used. Which probably wouldn't be much of a chick magnet.

No, it's not a sporty Phallusmobile or an ego-boosting PYT I find myself pining for. It's much, much more shameful than that.

I'm excited about an Indiana Jones movie. 

If I were casually interested in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, that would be one thing. Borderline indifferent, and I could maybe salvage my dignity.

But, no. I'm geeked out. I'll be there opening weekend with an extra 10 bucks in my pocket for popcorn and a Coke.

Only...will 10 bucks even get you popcorn and a Coke anymore? The last time I was this psyched for an Indiana Jones flick, it was 1984. The movie was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and, if memory serves, you could buy a large popcorn and medium soda for two bits, with enough left over for a crank or two on the nickelodeon machine in the lobby.

But perhaps memory doesn't serve. Remember, I'm almost 40.

Almost 40...and hyped up by the same silly action movies I loved when I was 15. Is that alright, I wonder? Shouldn't I be on pins and needles about something serious? Something important? Something grown up? The next John Updike novel. The new Errol Morris documentary. The Democratic primaries.

(Aside: I actually was on pins and needles about the Democratic primaries until about a month ago. Now I just wanna barf.)

I mean, 40 seems as good a time as any to do some reappraising. To look back and see how far one's come. And I guess I'll look back and see that I've come all the way from The Temple of Doom to The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Which really isn't much of a journey.

I'd like to think I'm not the same person I was 24 years ago. I weigh a little more now. And my hair has some gray in it. And....

Alright, other than that, I probably am the same person I was 24 years ago. And that guy was a geek. Nerdus Americanus. Dorkus Maximus.

I don't think it bothered him much, though. Yeah, the no-date-on-Saturday-night thing got to be a drag. But it's not like he wanted to be a jock or a preppy or a burnout or whatever else guys could be in a John Hughes movie. He was O.K. with being a total Poindexter.

Maybe that's the way I've really devolved. When I was a kid, I wasn't ashamed to be first in line for an Indiana Jones movie. Why should I judge myself now that I'm a man?

In the words of the poet, I yam what I yam. And I yam a geek, John Updike be damned.

So I'm gonna start saving up for that popcorn and Coke now. If I set aside a twenty each week, I should have enough just in time for opening night....

Steve Hockensmith
May 1, 2008



What's so hot about Updike? Yeah, he can write a pretty turn of phrase but can he fight off cannabilistic Thugees, pygmies, giant booby-trapped tempples or Nazis?

I think not...

The pen is NOT always mightier than the sword, especially when a witch doctor is trying to pull your heart from your chest, just sayin'...

Oh and just to make you sqeal like a little girl... Crystal Skull opens in less than 3 weeks :o)

Sue T.

I'm older than you are, whippersnapper, and not only am I super-excited (I saw the original movie 8 times in the theater), I'm covering my eyes every time something about "Crystal Skull" comes on TV (or on the internet, for that matter) to avoid spoilers. I'm also extremely psyched that I'll be able to see it right here in Alameda.



(That was my little girl squeal, leprrkan.)

It's good to know I'm not the only one sliding into a second childhood this summer. But lest we get *too* excited, I do have three words of warning we should all keep in mind.

Star. Wars. Prequels.

Alright...expectations dialed down, everyone? Good. Now we can go see "Crystal Skull" with the right, realistic frame of mind.

Oh, who am I fooling? It's gonna ROCK!!!




Sue, don't misunderstand... there's a reason I know that it's three weeks away, I practically levitate every time the trailer comes on and I've d*** near eaten my weight in M&M's and Snickers bars in the last month just because they have Indy on the wrapper :-D

And Steve, the prequels from here on out are to be known as "The Movies That Dare Not Speak Their Names"... or c-r-a-p for short.
They don't belong in the same thought, let alone the same sentence as the greatness that will be the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Nice squeal, by the way ;o)

Annie N.

I recently heard Stephen King interviewed. He said he and most everyone he knows thinks they were a geek in high school. He said "If I meet you 10 years out of high school and you say 'damn, those were the best years of my life' I don't want to have anything to do with you.


Stephen King is a wise, wise man.

And I'll bet he's excited about the new Indy movie, too....



Steve, my oldest son turned 40 last year and I did the same over 20 years ago (not MUCH over, you understand) and I'm proud of where I am in life. I'm also proud to say I am looking forward to "The Crystal Skull" very much. I loved Indy then and I love him now. Age has nothing to do with enjoying an action-packed movie with great characters, humor, and heart.

Hmm...sounds like one of your books.. When are we going to see the boys on the big screen?

Yep, if one of you young'uns could push my wheelchair to the theater, I'd be much obliged...(snicker snicker)


And....Karen Allen is back for this one.


"An action-packed [story] with great characters, humor, and heart." Wow -- that really is what I shoot for. I should print that out and tape it up over the Big Board.

Alas, Hollywood hasn't come a-callin' least not with its checkbook out. Keep your fingers crossed, everybody. Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

And I'm with you, J.T. -- I'm looking forward to seeing Marion Ravenswood in action again. Too bad there's no Sallah or Marcus Brody, but you can't have everything....


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