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The Year(s) of Writing Dangerously


Greg Daniel


'Nuff said!


Announced on the same day the Red Sox win the World Series. Truly, my cup runneth over.


Thank you. I really needed some good news today.


I am so thrilled. I tried to pre order at the library, not listed yet. your books are just the greatest.
have you started on the next one?


I *think* libraries should be able to order the new book in about a month, Vicki. Give it a try again a week or two after it goes on sale and let me know how it goes!

At the moment I'm thinking I'm going to write a non-"Holmes on the Range" novel before I return to the series. Don't worry, though: I'm planning on picking up the pace. No more two- or three-year waits for new books!

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