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Welcome to my final blog post here at Fittingly, I find that I don't have much to say as I depart the wonderful world of blogging. Partially that's because I already ran through all the whats, whys and wherefores over on the SleuthSayer website, where I used to be (until last week) a regular contributor. The gist of that post: I've been blogging for 13 years, and 13 years is plenty for me. More than plenty. Too much, even. So it's time to stop.

Oh, wait! I just remembered! I do have something to say today.

The White Magic Five and Dime ebook cover 240 pixThe White Magic Five and Dime, the tarot-themed mystery I wrote with my buddy Lisa Falco, is once again available as an ebook. It has a spiffy new cover and everything. So, you it, if you're so inclined.

If you haven't figured it out already, "Buy it, if you're so inclined" was the general message of all my blog posts, even when I was writing about the weird-ass art I found in a rental home or feeling bad for people who make lame movies. All these blog posts over the years -- they've been bread crumbs in the forest. A trail meant to lead you to a BUY button. Cuz...that's what professional writers do? I guess...? It made some kind of sense when I started. Not so much now.

Blogging is best left to folks with a burning desire to share their thoughts, dreams and dog treat recipes. I have thoughts and dreams, but I'm not convinced anyone other than my wife wants to hear them. As for dog treat recipes -- well, don't tell my veterinarian, but isn't that what leftovers are for?

Let's just say, hypothetically, that you do want to hear my hopes and dreams. Or even that you want to hear "Buy my new book, if you're so inclined." No prob! You'll be able to hear it here. I'll still post updates on a News page when there's something to say. And I'll still be sending out my newsletter and posting random nonsense on Facebook and Twitter, too. So, you know...I'll be around.

This website's about to change, though. Sometime in the next few weeks the current incarnation will disappear in a puff of cyber-smoke, and a new website will take its place. A website without a blog. So peruse the ol' blog vault while you can -- and thanks for following the crumbs.

The Human Adventure does not involve blogging


J. Kingston Pierce

Oh, sigh. You're going to kill off everything here. Therefore, all of the links established by other blogs (including The Rap Sheet) to this site will soon be broken. That's a shame. No insult to you, Steve, but I really wish people would either leave their blogs dormant, but still accessible, or else establish sites that don't require destroying what already exists.


Unfortunately, the new design involves a switch to a new host/platform -- I'm moving from Typepad to Squarespace -- so I don't think keeping any of the old site live is an option. I'll ask my designer, though. If there's a way to save some of the old stuff easily and cheaply I'll consider it.


And I'm sorry that my change here impacts stuff elsewhere. That hadn't occurred to me. I truly appreciate all the signal-boosts I've gotten from The Rap Sheet over the years, so I'm sorry to screw up all those old links!


It's too bad your blog is going away. I know it's a chore to come up with content but I for one do enjoy getting your thoughts and opinions. Guess I'll have to drag myself onto Facebook more often. Thanks for the laughs we've had on here! (Cue the mournful violin music)


Thanks for livening things up around here, Eric! I will miss having a cyber-hangout other than Facebook or Twitter where I can easily shoot the breeze with readers.

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